– Employee Leasing

An IT professional who works for you while being on our payroll

Expand your IT and engineering workforce with a flexible solution

With our employee leasing services, we offer our clients a flexible solution to expand the IT and engineering workforce without adding any administrative burden.

Global Performance allows you to recruit temporary new talent within the IT and engineering sector, and forget about the hassle of managing the hiring. We take over the costly and time-consuming paperwork related to employee contracting and give you the opportunity to add an experienced employee to your team for as long as you need.

We are responsible for the HR management as legal employers, and the leased employee works for you while being on our payroll. We take care of: salary, benefits and insurance, as well as termination. We will just send you a monthly invoice according to the number of hours worked by the leased employee.

Our key competencies are:

  • Search and Selection of Temporary Staff
  • Hiring of Temporary Staff
  • Payroll Services for  Temporay staff
  • Employment contracts

An extra worker for as long as you need

Do you need to test a potential employee for a few months? Or are you looking for an extra worker for a period of time? Our flexible solution is perfect for you, as the contracted period of the employee leasing is set according to your needs.  Global Performance commits to understanding the vision and culture of your company, even before starting the search of candidates.

Search and Selection

We source the IT professional or engineer who best suits your requirements from our large database and network of highly skilled candidates.

These are some of the candidate profiles currently present in our large database:

  • 1: Software Engineering
  • 2: Hardware Engineering
  • 3: Electrical Engineering
  • 4: Software Developer
  • 5: Database Developer
  • 6: Test Manager
  • 7: Dynamics Navision Consultant
  • 8: SAP Consultant

We fist source locally, and in the case we cannot find the best candidate in Denmark, we search internationally. If the results do not satisfy you, we will make sure to find another candidate who better fulfills your needs. We always strive to find the perfect candidate for each position and the perfect match for the company’s values.

Try & Hire

Global Performance provides you with the possibility of having new talents in your team before deciding to contract them as full-time employees. In this way, we give our clients the opportunity to test the skills and capabilities of the worker, confirm the need for an additional IT expert/engineer, and appreciate the benefits that he/she can provide. After the leasing period, you always have the possibility to hire the worker permanently. Learn more about our Permanent Recruitment services for permanent recruitment solutions; and read more about our Payroll and Accounting services for payroll administration solutions.

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