– Payroll and Accounting

We take care of the administration of your business

Global Performance provides Payroll and Accounting services for successfully establishing a company in Denmark and running business effectively.

Establishing a business on the Danish market entails complicated and time-consuming bureaucratic processes, which can easily become a challenge. Also, to perform successfully in the Danish business environment, it is very important to have insight into the continuously changing regulations and laws concerning financial matters. In fact, the Danish tax system can be complicated, which makes many local companies struggle with administration and many international companies even reconsider their decision of starting their business in Denmark.

Global Performance provides professional expertise and local knowledge within tax law, employment law and business law, and we make sure that all the steps involved in setting up your business in Denmark are accurately observed. If you are already established on the Danish market, we make sure you administrate your business effectively in compliance with the Danish law.

Our key competencies are:

  • Company Registration
  • Payroll Administration (Employee Remuneration and Benefits Administration)
  • VAT Registration and Accounting
  • Taxes and Tax legislation
  • Reporting
  • Business Offices
  • Contracts
  • Bank Accounts

We assist our clients with customized administrative services

With our Payroll and Accounting services, we take care of all the legal paperwork and the administration of your business.  We relieve you of that burden and handle every possible bureaucratic, legal and practical obstacle. We offer expert legal assistance, and our vast experience enables us to provide you with all the most useful information.  Furthermore, we conduct all the necessary communication and reporting with the Danish authorities and the Danish tax authorities (SKAT), relieving our clients of this responsibility.

Do you want to start a business in Denmark?

We take care of company registration, VAT registration and reporting with the Danish authorities. Our consultants support you with their local knowledge and experience. We also provide additional services to make your establishment in Denmark as easy as possible: you do not have to worry about finding business offices or opening bank accounts and signing contracts because we will identify the best possibilities for you. In addition, Global Performance offers Private Client Relocation services to help individuals and families move to Denmark. Once you have established on the Danish market, we support you with the administration of your business.

You cannot keep up with the administrative work?

Are you lost in the Danish tax system? You do not have payroll-trained employees? Is the payroll administration of your business taking too much of your time? We take care of payroll administration, taxes, and VAT accounting.  We are always updated on the changes within Danish laws, legislation and regulations, making sure that you stay sharp in your line of business on the Danish market.  Our consultants assist you through the Danish financial framework making sure you always have a complete overview of all opportunities and pitfalls.

You do not have a local corporate entity in Denmark, but you want to hire an employee in this country?

That is not a problem because Global Performance is offering to be your subsidiary contractor within payroll services and hire an employee for you – all in accordance with the Danish tax and labor laws. In this way, your new employee can legally work in Denmark as Global Performance is both his/her legal employer, and your HR department in this country. If you already registered your company and you need to hire staff, we also provide IT and engineering recruitment services: read more about out Permanent Recruitment and Employee Leasing solutions.

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